How to Apply for BPL Card Loan Online Apply: 2023

In this article we are going to explore the benefits and how to apply for Bpl card loan online apply for BPL Card holders.  The government runs a variety of programs on BPL cards to help uplift BPL families. These programs include offering loans to BPL families for various purposes such as home, vehicle, renovation, agriculture, and education. 

Bpl card loan online apply

We will discuss the different types of loans available and the subsidies that BPL Card holders get. We’ll also talk about which government schemes offer these loans. If you’re interested in taking a BPL loan, then read all the articles. We will explain step by step the process of applying for a BPL loan. 

What is a BPL card?

The BPL card, in its full form, is Below Poverty Line card. This card is issued by the Indian government to the  people who fall below the poverty line. BPL cards are usually issued to those people who do not have much money or their annual income is very low. This card is very important because it helps people to get cheaper food, healthcare, and support for education. It is a big help for people who are struggling to make enough money to live well.

People with BPL cards can also get special loans to help them start businesses.  These loans are meant to help people who need it the most by giving them a chance to improve their financial situation. With the help of BPL cards people get the support to break out of poverty and build a better future for themselves and their families.

Government Loan Scheme for BPL card holder

Are you a BPL cardholder looking for financial assistance or loans to meet your urgent needs? Then you are at the right place. We will explain all types of loan schemes available for BPL Card holders. There are different types of loan amounts and subsidies for different schemes. So it’s important to understand which loan schemes fit your needs and which scheme offers what. The interest rates on these loans are lower than usual loans and can be repaid over a period of 5 years. 

Bpl card loan online apply
  1. Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Yojana: If you want to start a business then you can apply for a business loan. The loan amount ranges from ₹5,00,000 to ₹25,00,000 with a subsidy of 15% to 35%. For more information and to apply for this loan you can visit In this official website you will get all the information about the loan and you can apply for it. 
  2. Pradhan Mantri Svanidhi Yojana: Pradhan Mantri Svanidhi Yojana is mainly made for BPL category people. Those people who want to start a small type business such as a fruit shop, canteen, roadside shop,  pan shop etc. They can apply for this scheme loan. It offers ₹ 10000 loan amount to the people who want to start these businesses and must have BPL Card holders. The best part of this loan is it didn’t require any guarantor. If they repaid the loan at the time then they will get a 7% subsidy.  For more information and apply for this loan you can visit
  3. Swaranjayanti  Gram Swarozgar  Yojana: It offers a loan to those who belong to BPL families. Main motive of these schemes is to  establish self-employment for bpl families. They can get loans through banks and apart from this they also get help from the government.  The main objective of this scheme is to provide self-employment to the poor people living in rural areas. Also it supports to establish a large number of small industries in rural areas. This is the objective of the government and that is why it is taking them under the Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana. For more information and apply for loan visitvisit their official websites. 

These are the three types of schemes available for BPL card holders. These schemes offer a good opportunity to apply for a loan along with a good subsidy.

Home loan for BPL card holder

If you want to apply for a housing loan then I will suggest two popular schemes. These schemes offer loans to buy homes, renovate homes or build new homes. These schemes also help you to get assistance from the government to make home improvements. 

Bpl card loan online apply

Pradhanmantri Awaj Yojana: It is the most popular scheme among the Indian people. This Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana offers a loan for both rural and urban areas. This scheme offers  ₹ 1,30,000 – 2,50,000 from the government to build your homes. If you have a plan to build a house but do not have the money, then you can apply under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. For more info visit

If you are a resident of an urban area then you can apply online for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. For Rural area and want to apply for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, then you can apply online yourself. If you Can’t do it online then you can apply from the Gram panchayat Unit. Fill up the application and process will be done in the BDO office. All you have to do is take the necessary documents and help the Sarpanch by taking them.

  Dr. Ambedkar Housing Renewal Scheme is one of the best opportunities for people to apply for the home loan. It provides ₹80,000 for renovation and maintenance of the home. If you have any specific requests for other types of loans or need more information, feel free to comment and let me know. 

2. Eligibility for BPL card loan

Every scheme has different eligibility requirements according to schemes. So make sure to check with the concerned department or bank. I will tell you the basic criteria or requirement for eligibility for BPL card loan. 

  1. Nationality: If you want to apply for these schemes then you must be indians. 
  2. Up-to-date Documents: you must have all the important documents issued by the Indian government. Such as votar card, Pan Card, Adhar Card, Residents certificate etc. 
  3. BPL Card: For some of the Schemes is only available for BPL card holders. so, you must have Bpl Card to Apply for these schemes. For BPL card holders, the government provides many opportunities for loans along with a good subsidies to start up their business. 
  4. Bank Account: Applicants must have a Nationalised Bank account and it should be linked to the aadhar card. 
  5. No Default Account: Applicant should not have any default account. Which means if he / she has ever taken a loan from the bank before and  does not repay the loan then it counts as a defaulter. If any applicant is a defaulter then they will not get the loan.
  6. Monthly Income: Monthly income of the applicant may vary according to the schemes. For Bpl category schemes, it’s best to have least annual income for better result or have more chance to approve for loan.
  7. Age Limit: Age limit of the applicant is not so important but they must above 18 years old. It depends upon they types of schemes that you applying for it.

These are some basic points for Bpl card loan online apply. If you fulfil these criteria then you are ready to apply for these schemes. 

Online application process

The process of applying for loans can be time-consuming, but what if I told you that there’s a convenient way to apply for a BPL card loan online? Due to the expanding internet, accessing financial resources has become easier than ever. With the online application process for BPL card loans, individuals in need can now navigate the lending landscape with greater ease and efficiency.

Step by step process to apply for BPL Loan

  • Open the Browser: open your browser and visit the portal according to your scheme. There are many loan schemes with different portal so make sure to visit the proper website.
  • Register yourself: Click on Sign up or register button. Enter your mobile number and enter your otp to complete your registration process. Set username and password to secure your account.
  • Complete registration process: Fill up all the required details like Name, Father Name, Mother Name, Your Date of Birth, Qualification, Religion etc. By completing this process you will successfully registered your account.
  • Open the site: Open the site and log in with your username and password. After login you will find many schemes so find your relevant schemes that fits your financial situation.
  • Fill Application Form: Fill the application for by entering your all personal details like Name, Father Name, Religion, State, Address etc.
  • Submit Documents: Submit your photo copy of all the documents at proper format. Like pdf format or jpg format according to requirements that ask by the sites.
  • Recheck the application: Before submitting the application always recheck the all details that you entered. Because sometimes there may be some mistakes in your application which may reject your application.
  • Submit the application: After filling all the information and documents submit to the concern authority. It may take some time to process and verify your documents. Their concern authority will contact you through phone call or mail about the further process. So be patient during the verification process.

Required documents for bpl loan online apply

Bpl loan apply

If you are planning to take a loan from these schemes then you must have these documents. 

There are list of some Basic documents you’ll need applying for BPL Card Loan Online

  1. BPL card : You must have legit BPL Card issued by Indian government or state government. 
  2. Residence certificate: You must have a residence certificate issued by a concerned authority like BDO or GPU. It helps banks to identify the person’s current residence and secure the loan. 
  3. Bank account details: You must have a Nationalised Bank account linked to your aadhar card. 
  4. Voter ID: It is very important to have a voter card while applying for the loan. It helps to identify the individual’s information like address, name, DOB etc. 
  5. PAN card: PAN card is one of the very important documents required during the applying for loans. It helps the bank to identify the applicant whether he is a defaulter or not. Also it helps the bank to investigate the cibil score of the person.
  6. Aadhar Card: Applicant must have adhar card issued by indian government.

These are the basic documents required during applying for Bpl card loan online apply schemes. Before applying for any BPL loan schemes make sure to collect all the documents ready. So later you need not to worry or rush about the documents. 

BPL Card loan Scheme in Haryana

 The process of applying for loans can often be time-consuming. but what if I told you that there’s a convenient way to apply for a BPL card loan online? In today’s online age, accessing financial resources has become easier than ever. Online application process for BPL card loans is very simple to process. Individuals can apply for a loan from their home. 

The BPL Card loan Scheme in Haryana offers loans for families living below the poverty line. This initiative aims to provide financial support to those who are struggling to make money. It offers low-interest loans without the need for collateral. The scheme  empowered individuals to start their own small businesses. 

One of the key highlights of this scheme is its focus on women empowerment. By providing easy access to loans it helps women to invest in income-generating activities. This scheme helps women to improve their livelihoods and economic stability in their family.

5. Pros and cons of online application for BPL Card loan Scheme

Pros and cons of bpl loans

There are many advantages and disadvantages of the online application process. 


  1. Convenient Accessibility: Individual people who belong to the bpl category can easily access the application form. They can apply through an online portal from any part of the location. 
  2. Saving time: It helps people to save their valuable time. Because it can be accessed through the internet, it saves time and effort by submitting an online document.
  3. Quick Approval: There is more chance to approve your loan if you met all the conditions. It has quick processing time so applicants can access the fund during their emergency needs. 
  4. Online tracking: Applicants can track the application process. It provides facilities to contact lenders or banks about the matter. 


  1. Lack of knowledge: most of the people don’t have enough information about the schemes. So they face many problems during the application process. Particularly in rural areas, people have limited technological literacy. So, they get many problems during the uploading the required ddocuments
  2. Privacy and data security: It is very important to secure private data or information. So during the application process some of the data centre people can steal the individuals personal sensitive data for some illegal activities. Data usually include Name, Bank Account, Adhar Card Voter Card, PAN card etc. Which is very important for the financial system. By using these documents, the intruders can steal innocent people’s money from their bank account. 
  3. Lack of Internet Connection: Many rural areas don’t have access to the internet. So, during the online inquiries for the application process the individuals can get many problems. 

 Tips for successful application for Bpl card loan online apply

Bpl loan is usually applied through an online portal so, the applicant should apply from a cyber expert. Before applying for a loan, try to research about the types of scheme that fits your personal needs. It is very important to collect all personal documents such as BPL card, Bank account, PAN Card, Residence certificate etc. So during the submitting your documents you need not to worry or rush about the documents. If you have all the documents that are required for the particular schemes then you have more chance for approval of the loans.

Conclusion: Choosing the right Bpl loan online apply

 BPL Card loan online apply is one of the best opportunities for bpl card holders. Because the government of India provides many benefits to the people who fall under the below poverty line. The benefits include many subsidies in various schemes. Such as education scholarship, medical subsidy, Home Loan, agriculture loan, Animal farming loan etc. They get a subsidy upto 30% from the total amount. They can apply for different types of loan according to their financial need. Due to lack of information, many bpl category people Usually they don’t claim or access these schemes. So many Gram Panchayat Units are working on these to make people aware about these schemes.

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Individuals who hold a valid BPL card issued by the government are typically eligible for a BPL card loan.


You can use the funds from a BPL card loan for various purposes, including education, healthcare, housing, and small business needs.


You can apply for a BPL card loan through designated financial institutions or organizations that offer such loans. 

Many BPL card loans do not require collateral, making them accessible to individuals with limited assets.

Typically, you will need to provide your BPL card, identification proof, address proof, income certificate, and other relevant documents as per the lender's requirements.

Some lenders may offer lower interest rates or special benefits to individuals availing of BPL card loans as part of their social responsibility initiatives.


The time taken to get approval for a BPL card loan varies depending on the lender and their specific processes but generally ranges from a few days to weeks.

A BPL (Below Poverty Line) card is a government-issued identification card for individuals and families living below the poverty line.


You can apply for a BPL card by visiting your local government office and submitting the required documents and application forms.


BPL cardholders may be eligible for subsidies on food items, access to government welfare schemes, and other assistance programs.

Documents such as income certificate, residence proof, identity proof, and family details are typically required to apply for a BPL card.


Yes, the BPL card can be used as an identification proof in various government and private institutions.

The validity of a BPL card depends on the specific regulations of each state or region. It's important to check with your local authorities regarding its expiration.


Typically, you cannot transfer your BPL card from one state to another. You will need to reapply in the new state if you have changed your place of residence.

You can check the status of your BPL card application online through your state's official website or by contacting the relevant government department.


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