Scam Alert: Exposing the 520+ Fake loan app list ln India.

In this article, we are going to explore the top Fake loan app list in India. Have you ever come across advertisements regarding instant loans on social media? Maybe your friend or relative has borrowed loans from such instant loan apps. If not, consider yourself lucky. These apps offer hassle-free loans without the need for extensive paperwork. But, the process of repayment is often more complex than it appears. When you approach a bank for a loan, numerous formalities are required. These include background verification, checking your CIBIL score, requesting your ITR, and various documentation procedures.

Fake loan app list

A fake loan usually refers to a fraudulent scheme that scams people in the name of an easy loan. It can be done with the help of mobile applications, emails, online platforms like websites, etc. Scammers usually promise to provide loans to borrowers with low interest, easily approved and have minimum document requirements. But, Instead of providing loans, they steal the borrower’s data and information with the help of loan applications. Data usually includes the Borrower’s Name, Bank Account Number, PAN card, Adhar Card, etc.

The rise of fake loan apps list in India

The fake loan usually offers instant loans with no need for documentation or formalities. Over the past few years, such instant loan apps have gained huge popularity in India, particularly among cab drivers, superstore employees and waiters who faced income loss due to the lockdown. Consequently, the small ticket loan segment has growth of 162%. The process of obtaining these loans is very simple and only requires three things: an Aadhaar card, PAN card, and face detection.

The loan processing system of these apps needs to be fixed, causing significant hardships for users. Surprisingly, their loan recovery processor is even worse. The distress caused by these apps has become so severe that it has tragically led some people to take their own lives. Many people had to go to the cyber cell branch for help.

How fake loan apps operate in India

You might wonder how these companies are able to operate in India despite strict monitoring and regulations. Interestingly, these companies are not Indian owned. Hong Kong and China fund them. Although the apps claim to be of Indian origin, the actual ownership lies with China. To avoid suspicion, they register themselves as Indian citizens.

Fake loan app list

Such an incident was recorded to Hitech India Private Limited with the listed address of 136 UDYOG VIHAR GURUGRAM. However, when a news channel’s media team visited their office for on-site reporting, they discovered that the company needed to be operating from its registered address. Other companies like Blackbird Tech Pvt Ltd and Challa did not exist either. Chinese loan apps gained popularity during the lockdown pandemic. At that time, people were facing financial problems with lower incomes and needed quick cash. Thousands of instant loan apps were launched into the market. Their advertisements started to appear on Google, Facebook, and even games to strengthen their presence. To enhance their image, they hired Indians for top positions in their companies. They also hired Indian recovery agents to collect debts in India.

Top Fake loan App List operated in India

Here we listed over 500+ fake loan app list operated in India. We divided fake loan app in total 26 Groups. Each group has 20 fake loan app list. 

Fake loan app
  1. Fake Loan App list Group. Agile Loan app, Easy credit, Aladdin Lamp, Easy Credit Loan App, Angel Loan, Easy loan, Apna Paisa, EasyCash Loan, Apple cash, Easy Rp, Ariaeko Lone, Elephant Cash, Asan Loan, Es Loan, ATD lone, Eulavt App, Balance lone, Express loan, Basket loan, Express Loan
  2. Fake Loan App List Group 2: Bellono Loan, Fash rupee, Bellono Loan App, Fast cash, Best Paisa, Fast coin, Betwinner betting, Fast Paisa, Bharat Cash, Fast cash, Bright Cash, Fast rupee Loan App, Bright money, Fast Rupee, Buddy Loan, Fexli Loan, Bus rupee, First Cash, Bharat Cash App, Flash Loan App, Clear Loan
  3. Fake Loan Group 3: Flash Loan Mobile, Cash Advance, Flash rupee, Cash Advance, Flip cash, Cash Advance Atach, For Pay, Cash Advance T1, Forpay app, Cash advance, Fortress Loan App, Cash Book, fortune now, cash bowl, fresh loan, Cash Carry App, Fri Loan, Cash Cola, Funny happen, Cash colla
  4. Fake Loan Group 4: Get Cash, Cash Now App, Cash Cow, Gold loan app, Cash Credit, Gold Sea, Cash curry, Goldcash, Cash fish, Goldman Payback, Cash go, guru loan app, Cash Guru App, Hand Cash, Hand Cash Friendly, Cash magic Loan, Cash Hole, Handey Loan, Cash host Loan App, Handy loan, Cash Host, Hello Box
  5. Fake Loan Group 5: cash machine, Hello Rupee, Cash Machine Loan, Hi Credit App, Cash magic, Holiday Mobile Loan, Cash manager, Honey Loan, Cash Manager, Honey Loan App, Cash Mine, Holiday Mobile, Cash Papa, Hoo Cash, Cash Park Loan App, Hu cash, Cash park, I Credit, Cash Park Loan, I karza, Cash Pocket
  6. Fake Loan Group 6: Income loan, cash pocket live Cash, Income OK, Cash Samosa, IND loan India Al Credit Cash, cash star miniso rupee, Loan, Cash Station, Infinity Cash, Cashcarry Loan App, Insta Loan, Cashcom, Insta money, cashpal, Jo Cash, Clear Loan, Just paise Loan App, Coin Rupee, Just money, Crazy Cash, Kash loan, Credit buzz
  7. Fake Loan Group 7: Koko cash, Credit Loan, Koko Loan, Crystal Loan, koko loan, Credit Pearl, Lend Mall, credit wallet, Link Money, Crystal Loan, Live Cash Loan App, Daily Loan, Live Cash, Dhan Pal, Loan Cube, Discover Loan App, loan cube, Dream loan, Loan dream, DuttaRuppes
  8. Fake loan app list Group 8: Loan Dream, E Paisa, Loan fortune, Eagle cash loan App, Loan Fortune, Early Credit App, Loan Home Small, Easy Barrow Loan App, loan loji, Easy Borrow Cash loan, Loan Resource, Easy brave, Loan Sathi, Loanzone, Rupeek buzz, Lucky Loan App, Rupeek cash, Lucky Wallet, Rupeek fenta, Rupeeking
  9. Fake Loan Group 9: MagicCash Loan App, Rupeeok, Magic Money, Rupeeplus, Magicc Loan, Rupeeredee Loan App, Mama Loan, Rupeestar, Magicc Loan App, Rupiya bus,Marvel cash, Rupiya company, Marwel Loan Baba, Rush Loan, Matero Finance, Samay Rupee, May Loan, Sharp corn, Mi Rupe, Sharp Loan, 
  10. Fake Loan Group10: Minute Loan App, Simple Loan App, Minute cash, Shuttle Loan, Minutes In Cash, Silver Pocket, Mo Cash, Simple Loan, Mobikquick, Sky Loan, Mobile cash, Slice pay, Monday money app, Small Loan, Money box,  Small Cash Loan App, Money Ladder, SmalLoan App, Money lander, Smart Coin
  11. Fake Loan Group11: Money Master, star loan, Money Master App, Store Loan, Money muthual, Sun cash, Money pocket, SUN CASH, money stand pro, Sunny loan, Money standup, Time loan, Money tree, Top Cash, money stand pro App, tree lone, Money View App, Tyto Cash,  Monney Tank, Unit Cash
  12. Fake Loan Group 12: More cash, UPA Loan, More Cash App, UPO Loancom, More Loan, Voice loan, My Cash Loan, Volcano Loan, My Kredit, Wallaby App, Name of app, Wallet Payee, Ob cash loan, Apna Paisa, ob cash loan App, Walletpro, Ok Rupee Loan App, Warn Rupee, One Loan Cash Any Time, Wen Credit
  13. Fake Loan Group 13: One loan easy loan, Wow Rupee, onstream, Yes Cash, Orange Loan, Yes Rupees, Orange Loan, Zo zo Cash, Paisawala, Cash port, Personal Loan App, Alp cash, Angel Loan, Pillai Loan, Apna Paisa, Plump Wallet, Asana Loan, pocket bank, Cash Curry, Pokemoney, Cash era, PradhanmantriYojna Loan, Cash lion, Fake Loan Group
  14. Fake loan app list Group 14: Cash Star Miniso Rupee, Quality cash, Cashon, Quality Cash Loan App, Coco cash, Quick Loan App, Credit finch, Rapid, Dhani, Rainbow Loan, Early Credit App, Rapid Paisa, Elephant loan, Reliable Rupee Cash, Eye Credit, rich cash, Fast Paisa, Rich Loan Go, Fast Rupee, Rocket Loan
  15. Fake Loan Group 15: First Cash, Royal able rupee cash, Flash Loan Mobile, Royal cash, Go cash, Rupee Box, Hand Cash, Rupee Loan, Ind Loan, Rupee Cash Loan, Insta Loan, Rupee Magic, Insta Money, Rupee mall, Lend Mall, Rupee Online, Live Cash, Rupee Papa, Loan Resource (DIC), Rupee pocket.
  16. Fake Loan Group 16: Loan tap, Rupee salam, Loan zone, Rupee smart, Loanzone, Rupee Star, Micredi, My Cash Loan, Cash Cola, Onstream, Cash Carry Loan App, Plump Wallet, Cash App, Quick cas, Cash Cola, Rich Cash, Cash colla Loan, Rupee Magic, Cash cow, Rupee pus, Cash Guru App, Cash Credit
  17. Fake Loan Group 17: Cash fish, Small Loan, Cash go, Smile loan, CashCow Loan App, Star Loan, Cash Cow, Tap credit, Cash Guru App, Wow Rupee, Cash Hole, 66 cash, Cash Hole Loan, 66 Cash App, Cash host, Agile Loan app, Cash Host Application, Agile Cash App, Cash Light, Aladdin Lamp
  18. Fake Loan Group 18:cash machine, Angel Loan, Bharat Cash, Ant cash, Coin Rupee, Apna Paisa Cash, Cash Machine Loan, Apna Paisa, Cash Machine, Apple cash, Cash magic, Arak Loan, Cash Papa, Ariaeko Lone, Cash Manager, Asan Credit, Cash park, Asan Loan, Cash Mine, Asan Loan App
  19. Fake Loan Group 19: Cash Papa, Asan Loan, Cash manager, ATD Loan, Cash Park, ATD lone App, Cash Mine, Balance Loan, Cash Park Loan App, Balance lone, Cash Park Loan, CashPark Loan App, Cash Pocket Live Cash, Basket loan, Bellono Loan, Bellono Loan App, Cash Pocket, Bellono App, Cash pocket, Beloan App, Cash Pocket Loan App
  20. Fake Loan Group 20: Belono Loan, cash pocket App, Best Paisa, Cash Pocket Live Cash, Best Paisa Loan App, Cash room, Betwinner betting, Cash Samosa, BetWinner Loan, cash star miniso rupee, Bharat Cash, Cash Station, Cash Machine Loan, Cash today,Bharat Cash, CashcarryApp, Bright Cash, CashCarry Loan App, Bright money, Cashcom
  21. Fake loan Group 21: Bud Loan, cashpal, Buddy Loan, Clear Loan App, Bus rupee, Chhota Loan, Bus Rupee, Cashpal, cash, Clear Loan, Cash Advance, Coco Loan, Cash Loan App, Cashcom App, Cash Advance Loan App, Cash Machine Loan, Cash Advance Atach, Income Value, Cash Advance T1, Joe Cash
  22. Fake loan Group 22: Cash advance, Loan Saathi, Cash Advance App, Tree Loan, Cash Book Loan Application, Money Master, Cash Book, Silver Pocket, Cash Personal loan App, Loan Home Small, cash bowl, Who Cash, Cash Bowl Loan App, Forpay app, Cash Carry Loan, Rainbow LoanApplication, Cash Carry App, Brightmoney, Cash Cash App, Cashmagic, guruloanapp
  23. Fake loan Group 23: Cashhost, Paisawala, Goldcash, Easybrave, Mobilecash, Moneystandup, Easycredit, Goldloanapp, Moneytree, Cashgo, Loanfortune, Funnyhappen, Rupeesmart, Moneytree, Flashrupee, Loanfortune, ZozoCash, Rupeesmart, CashPark, Flashrupee
  24. Fake loan group 24: LiveCash, ZozoCash, Cashmagic, CashPark, Suncash, LiveCash, Incomeloan, Suncash, UnitCash,
  25. Incomeloan, BrightCash, UnitCash, Magicmoney, Moneylander, Sunnyloan, Brightmoney, Royalcash, Easybrave, Sharpcorn, Moneystandup, Marvelcash, Goldloanapp
  26. Fake loan group 25: Mobikquick, Cashgo, Cashfish, Funnyhappen, Paisawala, IndiaAlCreditCashLoan, Voiceloan, Store Loan, guru loan app, Matero finance.

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10 Common features of fake loan apps

There are some common features that shares most of the fake loans apps oprated in India. You must research or note these points before installing or submitting any documents to loan apps. 

Fake loan app list
  1. Poor user interface: Most of the fake loans app often come with poor interface. Like its has  poorly designed, limited functionality and outdated user interfaces. It shows many ads in their apps along with  low-quality graphics and grammatical mistakes. It indicates the loan app is fake and do not apply for the loan. 
  2. Lack of credible information: Most of the fake loan app has generally lack of detailed or credible information. Like it has no information about the company, its founders, or contact details. The absence of a physical address or customer support number indicate it is a fake loan apps.
  3. Unrealistic loan offers: Fake loan apps tend to promise exceptionally high loan amounts with low interest rates. It allows users with flexible repayment options. These offers are too good and usually aimed to attract the innocent people.
  4. No credit checks or documentation: Legitimate loan apps require users to provide necessary documents. Before providing any loans it ckecks the users credit score to assess their repayment capability. But Fake loan apps often skip these checks and documentation processes. It promise users to provde loan without any documentation or verification. 
  5. Poor reviews and ratings: Before installing any loan apps, always try to research about the apps. Like you can see the apps reviews in playstore. Searching for reviews or ratings of the app on reputable platforms can provide you many information about the apps. Fake loan apps usually have negative reviews, complaints, or no reviews at all.
  6. Inadequate security measures: Personal and financial information security is crucial when applying for loans. Fake loan apps may lack adequate encryption or security measures. It makes users vulnerable to identity theft or fraud.
  7. High processing fees or hidden charges: Most of the Fake loan apps impose processing fees or hidden charges. During the application process usually they don’t mention about these changes. But later they impose these charges while Transffering the loan amount. This deceptive practice is aimed at extracting additional money from users.
  8. Overreliance on personal information: Fake loan apps usually request  for excessive personal information. It includes social security numbers, bank account details, and even access to contact lists. This could be an attempt to collect users data for illegal activities or identity theft. Later with the help of these information they start to blackmail users to extract more money as they want. 
  9. Lack of official documentation: Legitimate or legal loan apps usually have transparent agreements or conditions. Before providing any loan, they checks users cibil score and follow up strict documen verification. But Fake loan apps generally lack these documents process or do not have any verification. They always try to make simple path for the users so, they can target or attract more people.
  10. Unprofessional customer support: Fake loan apps usually have very poor or unresponsive customer support. They do not provide any information about the apps or reply to any queries of users. Which  indicating their lack of credibility.

It is very important to note these points before installing any loan apps. Always do research and verify their authenticity while downloading apps. Try to avoid fake loan apps and always provide personal information to trusted and reputed platforms only.

How to Identify and avoid Fake Loan Apps in india

It is crucial to ensure the passing of the Personal Data Protection Bill. It helps to prevent the operation of fraudulent apps that deceive and exploit people. Once this bill comes into effect, these deceitful apps will face significant obstacles in carrying out their scams. By following a few steps, you can identify whether an app is fake or conducting legitimate activities.

Research and verify the lender: Before downloading any loan app, always research and verify the company or lender behind it. Look for their official website because most of the fake apps do not have their official website. You can check the app’s reputation by reading user reviews on the Play Store or app downloader. By reading reviews, you can find information about the apps. Always ensure to download registered loan apps or authorized financial institutions before installing any loan apps.

  1. Check the app permissions: This is very important to be aware of while permitting apps. Because fake loan apps usually ask for unnecessary access to personal information or phone data. They can use your data against you at the time of repayment. Genuine loan apps generally do not require unnecessary access unrelated to the loan process.
  2. Upfront fees: Legitimate lenders generally do not ask for upfront fees or charges before disbursing a loan. If users are asked to pay money in advance, then it is a clear indication of a scam. Because Legitimate lenders disclose their fees transparently, and these costs are typically included in the loan itself. There is no need for you to make any upfront payments as requested by any lender. Fake loan apps always demand payment before loan approval or ask for unnecessary fees.
  3. Do not share sensitive information: Authentic loan apps only ask for necessary personal and financial details. Be careful if the app asks for unnecessary personal information, such as your social security number, passwords, or other sensitive data. These personal data can be misused to blackmail the borrowers.
  4. Research the lender’s contact details: Genuine loan apps always provide proper contact details. It includes a valid phone number and office address. So, before applying for a loan, Verify the provided information and call or visit their office.
  5. Consult financial experts or loan advisors: If you need clarification on a loan app’s authenticity, then always consult financial experts. You can get information through loan advisors who can guide you in making the right decision.
  6. Use trusted sources: It is very important to Download loan apps from trusted sources. You can download from different platforms like official app stores (Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS). Always Avoid downloading apps from third-party websites or links shared through unknown sources.
  7. Be cautious of unsolicited loan offers: Always avoid lo and who offered through phone calls, emails, or messages. Do not share your details or download loan apps from unverified links or third Party websites.

Always remember that do some research before Downloading any loan app. Try to see reviews what people are talking about the app and try to download from trusted websites. These tips will help you to identify fake loan apps and avoid easily. 

Risks and consequences of using fake loan apps

Installing the instant loan app on one’s phone also poses a risk to personal data. Due to a lack of information and curiosity, individuals are still granting access to their phones to these apps. As a result, all the data stored on their phone becomes accessible to these instant loan apps. Once the apps are installed, they ask for permission to access your contact list and photo gallery. They then ask users to upload copies of their Aadhaar card and PAN card to obtain a loan.

Fake loan app

When you install the app, this provides scammers with an opportunity to obtain personal images and other sensitive data. Later, during the recovery process, these agents misuse private images and other sensitive information, such as messages, to threaten and blackmail the users. In order to intimidate borrowers, scammers leverage their contact lists and reach out to their family members and relatives. For instance, if you are a corporate employee who has taken a loan from such an app. The recovery agent may resort to blackmail by threatening to contact your HR, boss, and colleagues in order to seek loan repayment. Similarly, if you are a college student, they may employ the same tactics by targeting your friends and teachers. Additionally, these individuals may also threaten to involve your girlfriend, boyfriend, relatives, and parents in their attempts to intimidate you.

Basically, these individuals aim to harass you by targeting your social circle in order to exert pressure on you and extract more from you. They offer loans with high-interest rates, providing 15-20 percent of the minimum rate. However, even if you repay the loan, they may continue to harass you by calling and attempting to blackmail you. In some cases, people have taken loans of 3000 to 4000 and ended up needing to settle amounts as high as ₹ 90,000.

Even after repaying the loan on time, these people will not stop their harassment. Their primary objective is to exploit your sensitive information for maximum profit. A similar incident occurred in Mumbai involving 28-year-old individuals, where a victim took loans of 3500 amounts and was given a 7-day period to repay. However, after just four days, the victim started receiving calls from recovery agents. They started to blackmail him by sending explicit photos to his friends and relatives. Tragically, this led to the victim resorting to suicide.

RBI Registered Loan App List in India

RBI Registered Loan App List in India

  1. PaySense: Paysense is one of the best loan apps available in the market. It is an RBI-registered loan and has a user-friendly interface. There are many fake loan apps listed in India, but Paysense is one of the trusted loan apps. There are many advantages of paysense, like it allows quick approval of loans to users. It has an easy application process with quick disbursement of funds. Paysense allows users to repay the loan with flexible repayment options according to individual financial circumstances. If a user has no valuable assets, then it allows users to get a loan without collateral. Paysense provide a loan with comparative interest as compared to other fake loan app list.
  2. Money View Loans: It is one of the best loans among all the loan apps. It provides quick and convenient loans along with an easy application process. The Money Views loan app provides easy repayment options according to individual needs. It provides low interest along with no collateral required for securing the loan. If you have a good credit score, then you have more chances to apply for a huge amount.
  3. CASHe: Pros: It is one of the best short-term loan apps. It provides loans for users with lower interest along a quick approval process. CASHe also provides many flexible repayment options to users. It required no collateral or credit history for loan approval. It provides Lower interest rates compared to traditional lenders.

There are some other RBI-approved loan apps in India. If you need a quick loan, then avoid the fake loan app list, which I already mentioned above. You can apply from a legitimate and trustworthy loan app available in India. These are the following apps that RBI approved.

  1. KreditBee
  2. MoneyTap
  3. EarlySalary
  4. FlexSalary
  5. LoanTap
  6. PayMe India
  7. CrediFiable
  8. RupeeRedee
  9. Indiabulls Dhani
  10. SlicePay
  11. Nira
  12. Qbera

Conclusion: Protecting yourself from fake loan app list scams

When you download and install these fake loan apps on your phone. They request your phone number for logging in. The individuals who are interested in downloading these apps are typically the general public who require an instant loan. As we all know, getting a loan is very difficult due to document verification and a good civil score. So, individuals with no credit history are housewives, students, and young people. These groups are attracted to these fraudulent apps because they promise a loan without a simple process and offer interest-free loans.

If you successfully get approved for a loan on a fake loan app. They may resort to tactics such as threats and blackmail to retrieve the money. If the loan still has yet to be repaid, they may start manipulating your photos. They will send you the manipulated photos and threaten to make them public and send them to all your contacts and family members. This is possible because you gave the app access to your contacts and photo gallery during installation. Granting access to your photos means they can transfer and manipulate them as they wish. In many cases involving women, explicit photos are morphed and used for blackmail.

Keep an eye out for loan offers made solely over the phone. This is a red flag. Legitimate loan offers should be provided in writing. It is important that all associated fees are prominently mentioned during the transfer process. Even if a lender claims to be willing to provide you with money online, it is essential to verify their address and contact the Financial Regulations Office to confirm their legitimacy. If a lender is offering you a loan without verifying your credit history or requesting any documents, then it is undoubtedly a scam. If you need a loan amount as low as Rs 5000-10,000, try borrowing from your relatives, friends, or family circle instead.

As for those who have unfortunately used such loan apps before, they are aware of how these apps operate. The fundamental tactic employed by these loan apps is to offer a small loan amount with high interest charges and significant processing fees. It is their main goal to generate profits for them ultimately. If you find yourself trapped in such loan apps and subjected to blackmail or calls from their recovery agents, there is no need to fear. It is important to remember that they are the ones engaging in unethical behavior. In this circumstance, a thief steals from another thief. So you do not need to worry about this. Because they will not be going to file a case against you, they are the real culprits who steal the people’s information and blackmail them.

Here is a list of 10 RBI approved legitimate loan apps available in India. These apps provide quick access to loans during emergencies:

  1.  PaySense
  2. EarlySalary
  3. MoneyTap
  4. KreditBee
  5. CASHe
  6. Indiabulls
  7. Dhani
  8. BharatPe
  9. PayTm Instant Loan
  10. Nira loan


To report a fake loan app, you can reach out to relevant authorities such as your local consumer protection agency or law enforcement. You can also report fraudulent loan apps on app stores (Google Play Store or Apple App Store) and consumer complaint websites to warn others.

The Indian government has recently banned several online loan apps that engaged in unethical practices. These apps targeted individuals in need of quick loans but faced issues like exorbitant interest rates, hidden charges, and aggressive collection tactics. Here is a list of top 10 banned loan apps in India:

  1. CasnBean
  2. Okcash
  3. Happy Cash
  4. Loan Card
  5. Pocket Rupee
  6. Money Now
  7. Real Rupee
  8. Monkey Box
  9. Cash Goo
  10. Krazy Bean


7 day loan apps provide convenient access to short-term loans. They have high approval rates, making it easier for borrowers with lower credit scores to obtain funds. Here is a list of 7 day loan apps:

  1. Navi loan
  2. Kreditbee Instant loan app
  3. Stashfin
  4. Paysense
  5. RupeePark
  6. Nira Instant Loan App
  7. India Lends
  8. Pocketly
  9. Digimoney online loan
  10. MI credit


There are various top fake loans in India. Here is a list of top 10 fake loan apps.

  1. ash Machine
  2.  Angel Loan
  3. Bharat Cash
  4. Ant Cash
  5. Coin Rupee
  6. Apna Paisa Cash
  7. Cash Machine Loan
  8. Apna Paisa
  9. Cash Machine
  10. Apple Cash


There are several illegal apps operating in India. They steal users' personal information through their loan apps. Here is a list of top 10 illegal apps:

  1. Cash PapaPapa
  2. Asan Loan
  3. Cash Manager
  4. ATD Loan
  5. Cash Park
  6. ATD Loan App
  7. Cash Mine
  8. Balance Loan
  9. Cash Park Loan App
  10. Balance Loan



No, not all loan apps available in the market are approved by RBI. It is important to check for RBI approval before using any loan app.


You can visit the RBI website and check their list of approved Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) to see if the loan app you're interested in is listed.


Choosing an RBI-approved loan app ensures that your financial transactions are regulated and monitored by a trustworthy authority, providing better security and reliability.



Using an RBI-approved loan app gives you assurance that the lender operates within legal boundaries, follows fair practices, and adheres to mandated interest rates and repayment norms.

Yes, it is generally safe to share personal information with an RBI-approved loan app. Because they are mandated to follow data protection guidelines set by regulatory authorities like the RBI.


Using non-RBI approved loan apps may expose you to various risks. such as high-interest rates, predatory lending practices, potential misuse of personal information, and lack of regulatory oversight.


Fake loan apps often have poor user reviews, lack proper contact information, request excessive personal information, and promise unrealistic loan terms or instant approval without any credit check.


Yes, using a fake loan app can expose you to various risks like identity theft, financial loss, and unauthorized use of your personal information for illegal activities.


To protect yourself from fake loan apps, ensure that you research the lender's reputation, read user reviews and ratings, verify their contact details, and never share sensitive personal or financial information unless you are certain of the legitimacy of the platform.


If you suspect that you have fallen victim to a fake loan app and shared your personal information. Then immediately contact your bank or financial institution to report the incident and take necessary steps to secure your accounts.


Recovering money lost through a fake loan app can be challenging as scammers often operate anonymously. However, it is advisable to report the incident to law enforcement authorities who may be able to assist in investigations.


To find legitimate lenders for loans, it is recommended to approach well-established banks or credit unions with trustworthy reputations. You can also compare loan offers from multiple lenders through reputable online platforms that provide transparent and secure services.


If you encounter a fake loan app, report it immediately to the relevant authorities, such as your local consumer protection agency or law enforcement.


While it can be challenging, you should contact your bank or financial institution and explain the situation. They may be able to assist you in recovering some or all of your money.


Yes, watch out for unsolicited offers, apps requesting excessive personal information, lenders asking for payment through unconventional methods (like gift cards), and apps lacking secure payment gateways.

Look for red flags such as spelling errors, poor grammar, unrealistic promises, high interest rates, unsecured websites, and requests for upfront fees. Research online reviews and check if the company is registered with relevant regulatory authorities.


To protect yourself, be cautious when sharing personal information online, research lenders thoroughly, read terms and conditions carefully, and rely on trusted sources for financial assistance.


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